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Icíar Pérez

Icíar Pérez


How 'Salvajitos' was born:

Although I am an Agricultural Engineer (getting my degree was so hard that any time I have the chance, I mention it, please understand me...), I've always been a handicraft passionate and loved anything that involves creativity. One day, after 10 years working as an engineer in an office, my little savages (“salvajitos”) arrived and I decided to leave my fears and insecurities behind and do what I always wanted to do: to materialize all the ideas that I had going around my head and to work with my hands. This is how “Salvajitos” was born, a brand of kids’ clothes with exclusive designs, hand-printed and hand-embroidered by me and made in a little sewing workshop in the center of Madrid (Spain), with 100% natural fabrics. Salvajitos cares about people and the environment, and we try hard to reflect that in our creations. We try to consume responsibly, so we make clothes that are versatile: some of them are reversible, others have wide hems that make the item longer as kids grow. Dresses can be transformed into top shirts as you grow. Be creative and try to give another life to your clothes!

If you want to know a little more about me:

I laugh a lot. If there is something I find funny I can laugh about it a thousand times, again and again and never get tired of it. There’s a lot of things I love: I love people, travelling (I could live always on the road), trees, insects (not kidding, I love scarabs!), books in paper (I love smelling and touching them, and living buried by them, something that I’m achieving), movies and music (I could not live without it); I love museums and libraries, and going out to have breakfast. One final confession: I do love tinsel, I am sorry, that is my truth...

I quite agree with this quote from Mark Twain: Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life (if you add some beers every now and then and a lot of travelling, I think this is my definition of the perfect life).

Creative process

The clothing of this collection has been printed and embroidered by hand with lots of care and joy in Madrid. You may take a look at the printing process through these pics.